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History of Changes


Version 2.0 (15/03/2005)

  • add Added support for forceBold() and terminal side linewrapping negotiation. (wimpi)
  • add Added complete support for telnet environment option. (wimpi)
  • add Switched to Forrest (0.6) for project documentation generation. (wimpi)
  • update Code is now using the Collections API, Vectors and Hashtables have been replaced with List and Map implementations (ArrayList and HashMap). All use of Enumeration instances has been transformed into using Iterator instances. (wimpi)
  • update Thread handling has been updated to conform with post Java 2 specifications. There are no yield() calls any longer and no calls to the deprecated stop() (which was declared to be inherently unsafe). This implied that there is no broken connection handling any longer. All I/O Exceptions are bubbled up to the application level shell and I/O implementations, and have to be handled properly (instead of the CONNECTION_BROKEN event). (wimpi)
  • update Start and stop methods have been adjusted, the proxy now only accepts the unified properties file at startup and the daemon plus all configured listeners need to be started using: m_Daemon = TelnetD.createTelnetD(m_Properties); m_Daemon.start(); (wimpi)
  • update Complete logging has been switched to the commons-logging wrapper and is using log4j at the moment (that's default anyway). Applications should use the initialization mechanism of log4j on startup or initialize log4j accordingly (on startup is done by passing a system property through the jvm e.g. -Dlog4j.configuration=file://<path>/ (wimpi)
  • update ConnectionQueue has been completely removed from the codebase. (wimpi)
  • update Documentation has been updated to reflect all telnetd2 changes. (wimpi)

Version 1.0 (15/01/2004)

  • add Added support for multiple listeners. (wimpi)
  • add Added support for the "infamous" Linemode. (wimpi)
  • add Added support for NVT Break (CONNECTION_BREAK event, added to listener interface) (wimpi)
  • add Switched building process to Apache ant, added build file. (wimpi)
  • add Switched to Apache ant, added build file and updated building procedure. (wimpi)
  • add Switched to Forrest (0.4) for project documentation generation. (wimpi)
  • update Refactored the coding style. (wimpi)
  • update Refactored the configuration (all lowercase; all-in-one properties file now possible). (wimpi)
  • update Changed API and behaviour for connection events. CONNECTION_IDLE is issued as a warning and can be handled by the listener; CONNECTION_TIMEDOUT is issued as an event and can be handled by the listener; (i.e. the manager will no longer disconnect automatically) (wimpi)
  • update Complete rewrite of the documentation with extensions (deployment tutorial). (wimpi)
  • fix Most likely includes some bug fixes (well it's been a long time). (wimpi)