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Class InertComponent

Direct Known Subclasses:
Label, Statusbar, Titlebar

public abstract class InertComponent
extends Component

Class that represents an abstract inert toolkit component. * Components derived from this class are simply decorative or * informative. They are not supposed to be actively processing and reacting * on Input. * * @author Dieter Wimberger * @version 2.0 (13/03/2005)

Field Summary
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m_Dim, m_IO, m_Name, m_Position
Constructor Summary
InertComponent(BasicTerminalIO io, java.lang.String name)
          Constructor for an InertComponent instance.
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draw, getDimension, getLocation, getName, setDimension, setLocation, setLocation
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Constructor Detail


public InertComponent(BasicTerminalIO io,
                      java.lang.String name)
Constructor for an InertComponent instance.

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